Falcon Gallants of Nána


The eight-member Falcon Gallants of Nána was formed on 20 April 2002. Originally they were a group of knights but in 2003 they changed their profile and became border castle infantry soldiers (hajduk). The medieval knight’s castle provides dignified surroundings for their activities. Since 2004 they have been operating as an association. Their aim is to explore and practice the traditions of border castles and to present them in traditional costumes and in spectacular shows.


Weapon show: visitors may take the weapons in their hands and try them.


  • military tournament for visitors
  • witches’ contest for ladies
  • treasure hunting for children

Plays: 20 to 30-minute plays:

  • The Basha’s wine, The Turk hit with a hare, Matthias Hunyadi’s favourite gallant.
  • Local historical events may also be performed on request.

Witch burning: witch trials conducted by inquisitors in the presence of the Lord of the castle. The executors then burn the witches at the stake.

Castle games: programmes for groups, companies, groups of friends at the castle are available on request.

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