The recontruction

The EU-financed project called "The complex touristic utilization of the Castle of Kisnána complying with the demands of the 21st century" was implemented with a subsidy worth HUF 300 million. The total cost of the improvement exceeded HUF 340 million. As a part of the project completed in 2010 and 2011, the constructors fortified the castle walls and refurbished the Old Tower where exhibition rooms and a terrace with a splendid view are now available to the visitors. The old stone storing place was filled up making a place for outdoor programmes. A so called wine safe and a multi-purpose event hall were also created in the cellar. Visitors can admire the past with the help of a chronoscope, which was a third of such devices in the country. It shows what the castle might have looked like hundreds of years ago. The stage and mobile auditorium adjacent to the fortress can be a dignified venue for larger events. There is also a new drawbridge leading to the castle, and another novelty is the line of candelabra lamp posts along the landscaped promenade leading from the entrance to the drawbridge. At night passing-by travellers also catch the sight of the splendid lighting in the distance and stop to admire it.
The open spaces of the renovated Kisnána castle provide an ideal venue for new events as well. The traditional summer festivals such as the historical Castle games and the Peach day have now been complemented with new programmes. The castle can be a majestic and solemn site for wedding ceremonies. New programmes are also awaiting those who like to keep traditions alive. The multi-purpose event hall and wine safe could host wine and gastronomy fans in a unique atmosphere. In nice weather guest are served outdoors providing an ideal venue not only for smaller trainings and company events but also for conferences.

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